Assessment Information

Details on the Assessment for the Vandever Trails Homeowners Association

Assessment Rates:
$120 per home per year

Payment Directions:
Assessment payments may be mailed to:
Vandever Trails Homeowners Association
PO Box 2863
Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Checks should be made payable to "Vandever Trails Homeowners Association". Please include your address if not already on the check.

Late Charges for Assessments
ASSESSMENTS ARE DUE FEBRUARY 1ST, every year, unless alternative payment arrangements are made in advance. Payments not received by the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on February 15th shall be considered delinquent. Accounts with delinquent balances will be charged interest for each month that an account balance remains delinquent. In the event the account remains delinquent, VTHA may, at its sole discretion, file a lien on the property. This will prohibit the sale of the property until all past due amounts have been paid.

New Homeowners
You should have received notification of VTHA's Covenants prior to closing on your property. If you did not receive such notification, all documentation can be retrieved from this site. Owners are responsible for the payment of assessments regardless of receipt of the coupon booklet.