VTHA Board of Directors

Purpose and List of the Vandever Trails Board of Directors

Policy Statement
The function of the Association, the Board and its officers, and committee members is to reasonably maintain and improve the property values and the quality of life in the neighborhood through Association approved programs. Below is a better definition of what the Association is and is not responsible for:

The Association will handle...

We would encourage each person to attempt a "good neighbor" policy before addressing issues with the Board. Most people are reasonable and are willing to make concessions if approached in an open manner. Don't ask the Board to address anything you are not willing to do yourself!

The Association will NOT handle...

The VTHA Board of Directors can be contacted by email at vandevertrailshoa@cox.net.

Board of Directors & their Responsibilities

Bruce Jones : President

Vice President

Jim Weir : Treasurer
Phone: (918) 688-0116


Board Members & their Responsibilities

Steve Mozinski : Board Member 1
Beautification and Maintenance Committee, which includes:

Shannon Coan : Board Member 2
Phone: (918) 902-1069
Neighborhood Relations Committee, which includes: